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ben and andrea


Ben Ray was born into a pastor’s home. At the age of eight years old he received Christ as his personal Savior. It was shortly after this that God led his Father to be a missionary in China. In 1998 the Ray Family landed in Beijing, China. Growing up in Beijing had a great impact upon his life. Not only, did this afford him the opportunity to learn the language and culture of the Chinese people, but also allowed him to see God work in many amazing ways through his family’s ministry.

In 2008, Ben attended FaithWay Baptist College of Canada. It was during his second year that God called him to preach, and began to direct him back to China. Upon graduating with a degree in Pastoral Theology, Ben began working as an assistant pastor at Bethel Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee.

In 2012, God opened the door for Ben to serve as an interim pastor for a church in Beijing. This year of ministering to the Chinese solidified God’s will for Ben to return to China as a church-planting missionary.

On June 7th 2013, Ben married Andrea. Now they, as a couple, are excited about God’s plan for them in the country of China.



Andrea was born into a Christian family in Kitchener, Ontario where she grew up hearing the Gospel message as a young child. When she was almost six years old, she believed upon Jesus Christ as her Saviour and was baptized two months later.

When she was nine years old, her dad was called of God to preach the Gospel in Guelph, Ontario. Growing up in a pastor’s home gave Andrea many opportunites to serve in children’s ministries, as well as the music ministry as church pianist at an early age.

Andrea’s love of music, and God’s guidance led her to complete a Bachelor of Religious Education with a minor in Music from FaithWay Baptist College of Canada, where she met her husband, Benjamin. The degree in music allowed many opportunities to serve in FaithWay Baptist Church’s music ministry.

Before Andrea and Benjamin were married, Andrea took a trip to China for a month to visit the Ray family and see what life as a missionary in China is like. There is much to learn, such as language and culture, but Andrea is excited to begin.

After they were married, they became members of Bethel Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee, where they are excited to serve when they are home. Andrea’s desire is to serve alongside her husband as they make plans to move to China and serve the LORD in fulltime mission work.